Droople announces the closing of its CHF1.5M Seed Round Investment

This investment supports its continued market expansion on three continents spanning EMEA, NA, and APAC markets.

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PUIDOUX, SWITZERLAND – 5 May, 2021 – Droople, the Swiss IoT-powered cleantech company offering digital water management solutions, announced today that it has raised Seed Round funding totaling CHF1.5M from private investors. This also happens to mark their third anniversary since it was founded in 2018.

This investment will support Droople’s continued market expansion on the three continents, spanning EMEA, NA and APAC markets. The funds will also help scale Droople’s supply chain and operations to meet the growing demand while ensuring Swiss quality products and solutions. To support the company’s growth, Droople headquarters will move from Mont-sur-Rolle to Puidoux, where new larger offices will accomodate expanding teams.

Droople’s AI-powered Water Intelligence platform is designed to digitize water-based assets worldwide, including sanitary ware, water treatment systems and appliances. By doing so, it will provide customers real-time access to the actionable data, bringing transparency, and allowing optimization of their water and energy usage.

“We believe that IoT technologies will reinvent the last mile water industry by monitoring 36+ billion water assets off radar today”, comments Ramzi Bouzerda, founder and CEO of Droople. “The Droople Water Intelligence Platform will be a game-changer accelerating the water industry towards digital transformation. At Droople, we are convinced that when sustainable management of global water resources is achieved, we will be at the core of the future’s circular economy.”

“We are already working with leading names in the water industry to digitize a range of water assets with our smart and flexible Water Intelligence solutions, adds Peter Racz, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Droople. “This investment will help us to grow our customer base and expand our AI capabilities which will in turn advance the future of the water industry worldwide. We are committed to realize our vision of making the world aware that water is our shared source of life. “

Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees, adds as Lead Advisor and Investor:  “It’s been a privilege to be on the front row of the Droople’s adventure since their inception. I’ve collaborated with its co-founders, Ramzi Bouzerda and Peter Racz, and saw Droople evolve from the initial idea through the product-market fit towards the first commercial wins. With this round closing, I’m excited to see their go-to-market investments convert into growth. Onward!”

About Droople

Droople is a Swiss cleantech company developing innovative IoT solutions for intelligent water management. With the use of their full-stack Water Intelligence Platform, Droople is redefining the water industry landscape and introduces smart, flexible real-time water asset management on the last mile of the water grid.  Using Droople platform, customers worldwide can accurately measure and analyze their water assets data to remotely monitor them, predict their maintenance, and save water and energy with Swiss made precision of a drop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What gateway should I choose?

There are several gateways that can be used Wifi, 4G, Ethernet LoRa Gateways. Further “Connectivity” FAQs on our Support page

How do I install the device ?

Once you've unboxed your Droople Package consisting of an iLink & sensor(s) and gateway, (1) retrofit the sensor to the consumable. (2) Retrofit the sensor to the inline pipe, (3) Turn on your gateway, (4) Scan to configure your Droople iLink, and (5) Activate by pulling the iLink ticket. Visit the Droople Support page to access the DIY videos and a Quick Start Guidebased on your product.

How do I configure my device on the platform ?

Each Droople iLink has a unique QR Code. Scanning takes you to configure it to a new or existing "asset". After configuration and use of your tap, you already have access to your metrics. For detailed instructions, you can find videos and tutorials on our Support page: https://droople.readme.io/

Where do I find support documents ?

Our Support page can be found here https://droople.readme.io.
Our Technical Specifications here.

Who can I contact when I need help?

Feel free to email support@droople.com for any questions or feedback.

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