Droople Joins 50L Home Coalition

Swiss IoT Start-up Droople Joins Water Coalition to Help Residents Untap Insights on Their Water Usage

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Puidoux, Switzerland, June 6, 2023: Droople is partnering with 50L Home Coalition, an initiative hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Economic Forum. The first project will be the implementation of a pilot involving 32 homes in the Greater Los Angeles area in collaboration with private sector leaders Electrolux Group, IKEA, Kohler Co and Proctor & Gamble. The project is implemented in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council - Los Angeles (USGBC-LA). For residents to better understand their water consumption, Droople’s technology will be implemented at all point-of-use water assets within the home; including toilets, faucet taps, showers and dishwashers.

In recent years, sensors have become incredibly useful tools in building projects as a way to measure a variety of factors; including occupancy, air quality, and temperature. Smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are allowing for the integration of sophisticated building management systems which greatly assist in understanding actual building performance. IoT provides accessible data that can help building operation and maintenance to become more predictive, making facility management proactive, rather than reactive. While utilities are globally losing between 25 - 30% of water due to leaks and bursts, it is time for the water sector to embrace these innovative ideas and become smart. 

On a residential scale, IoT provides data that helps educate individuals and families on their water usage and ultimately, inspires behavioral lifestyle changes. Most people, when asked, may not admit to wasting water in their homes – at least not intentionally. However, now we are able to see the truth about where water is going, where it is being used in excess, and where there are leaks or anomalies at a granular scale. Residents no longer will be completely blind to what is happening after their main water meter. They can begin to make informed changes to their water usage patterns, and in turn, see the ripple effect on their monthly water & energy bills.

“Water is one of the wicked problems of our time – in order to ensure affordable and safe access, it is crucial that we push toward collaboration between the private and public sector, researchers, and the community at large. At the core of our mission, we strive to provide information technology and smart tools to improve the way people use, conserve and value water. I am excited for the opportunity to partner with such forward-thinking organizations that value innovation and are passionate about making tangible impact on a complex issue. ” - Melissa Landman, Head of Sustainability at Droople.

“The idea behind Droople was born in a kitchen at 3AM in front of a tap more than 5 years ago aiming to contribute to making better use of water. Today, we are part of the 50L Home Coalition to connect taps, dishwashers, washing machines and showers to better understand water usage and provide tangible insights to increase awareness and enable behavior change. I’m really excited and proud to achieve such a milestone”. Ramzi Bouzerda, Founder & CEO at Droople. 

About Droople 

Today, the world is completely blind to what happens after the main water meter in any residential, commercial or industrial building. More than 100 billion water assets such as sanitary ware, water treatment systems and appliances are off radar today where their performance, lifetime and maintenance rely on water quality and usage. Droople is building the Internet of Water to connect those assets to monitor them, predict their maintenance needs and enable water-energy savings.

Droople is an Internet of Things/AI Swiss-based company that works with customers, such as manufacturers, operators, and corporates, to convert water data into actionable insights. Their wide range of customers span across the globe, from hotels and shopping malls to facility managers to businesses maintaining water treatment systems. https://www.droople.com ; For Logos and Images Droople Press Kit

About 50L Home Coalition

50L Home is a global action-oriented platform that strives to address two pressing global challenges: water security and climate change. The platform works towards addressing these issues through collaboration with the public sector, private sector leaders, and civil societies. The average domestic water usage in developed countries is unsustainable – 50 Homes pushes to positively disrupt this pattern and facilitate innovative circular economy solutions. Their strategy operates on two fronts: promoting water and energy efficiency in households while raising awareness to inspire sustainable water usage through improved lifestyle choices. https://50lhome.org/


Let’s learn how exactly smart water systems impact the consumption, conservation and quality of water resources on the planet.

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Smarter fountains in Switzerland

Impact for everyone! Outdoor equipment retailer, Urbanat, the City of Geneva and Fontaineo (manufacturer) collaborated to launch a campaign to beat the heat wave and reduce single-use water bottles.

Neuvecelle Project

Droople introduced the Droople for Schools solution in Neuvecelle's Robert Magnin School to promote hands hygiene and water conservation. Through a "hygiene score" algorithm, students were encouraged to handwashing, achieving scores close to the ideal. After two years of operations, the initiative led to a 22% annual reduction in the school's water consumption and provided insights for more efficient water usage strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the app ?

Login at https://app.droople.com with the credentials you received. Welcome to your Water Intelligence Platform!

What gateway should I choose?

All Gateways are using a LoRa network, but we will discuss together the technical specificities of the place you are equipping to adapt our offer between a 4G, Wifi or Ethernet gateway. More on our Support page

How do I install the device ?

You can find help here.

For more, visit the Droople Support page to access the DIY videos and Quick Start Guides based on your product.

How do I configure my device on the platform ?

Each Droople iLink has a unique QR Code. Scanning takes you to configure it to a new or existing "asset". After configuration and use of your tap, you already have access to your metrics. For detailed instructions, you can find videos and tutorials on our Support page: https://droople.readme.io/

Who can I contact when I need help?

Our Support page can be found here https://droople.readme.io.
Our Technical Specifications here.

If you need any other assistance, please contact us here

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