Sustainable certification for new LODH headquarters

Lombard Odier Group partners for sustainable and responsible water management

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Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the service of water conservation: monitoring software modules and intelligent hardware sensors are to be installed at all points of water use, to collect data and measure the flow rate, pressure, temperature and hardness of water. The whole package is provided by local startup Droople, where all data is managed via digital platform transmitted to dashboards available to its users.

In other words, the digitization of water, where the assets provide precise information on “offline” consumption. Remote monitoring of equipment tracks potential maintenance problems, such as leaks. This is a digital breakthrough in the field of water-supplying equipment, which for far too long have remained on the verge of connected solutions, serving an ultimate objective: to preserve water, the most essential resource for human life and activities.

For these innovations, which combine the precision of Swiss detection technology and its powerful algorithms, Droople was chosen by Lombard Odier Bank as its water management partner for their new headquarters, under construction in Bellevue (GE).

2024 New Headquarters for 2'000 employees

Lombard Odier Group

By 2024, Lombard Odier Bank have nearly 2,000 employees in Bellevue, a village located a stone’s throw away from Geneva, currently spread across six sites. The banking institution has long relied on cutting-edge technologies to participate in the ecological transition and achieve its sustainability objectives. In this context, it has appointed Droople to improve water management in its new building. Thanks to the digitization of water-related data collected at every point-of-use, Lombard Odier Group will have real-time access to report its environmental impacts of its evolving consumption. The technology developed by Droople will thus enable the Group to pursue its ecological ambitions concerning water consumption. This commitment is commendable at a time when scientists are predicting a 40% decrease in global water resources by 2030.

Droople’s solutions: a decisive contribution to sustainable real estate management

Constructing a brand-new building, the Lombard Odier Group affirmed its efforts to commit to the highest standards of energy efficiency by meeting the requirements of the world’s leading sustainability validation & certification assessments ESG, BREEAM and LEED labels. Droople will make the decisive contribution by equipping each water dispenser with a data collection device, the same device that allows for remote monitoring and control of water treatment systems and sanitary appliances. This in return will enable predictive rather than reactive maintenance, cleaning of sanitary spaces according to usage for better hygiene, replenishment of consumables at the precise-convenient moment needed, monitoring of water use for moderate consumption, and remote location of leaks and anomalies to be repaired. In short, it is foreseen a considerable reduction in water and energy consumption of around 30%, according to Droople CEO, Ramzi Bouzerda. Honored to be associated with the Lombard Odier Group’s major project, Mr. Bouzerda emphasizes: “We are proud to have been chosen to equip this building of the future for more sustainable and conscious water management.” Lombard Odier’s choice exemplifies the application of Droople’s technologies as a partner-of-choice for facility management, also applicable in both industrial and service sectors including public, educational, commercial and hotel infrastructures.

At the forefront of Swiss cleantech

Droople building the Internet

In addition to its partnership with Lombard Odier Bank, Droople signed a collaboration agreement in 2021 with Fileder Filter Systems Ltd, a major European player in the field of filtration and water treatment, for the development of customized solution. In November 2021, Droople was awarded the “International Property Technology Innovation Leader” label by the PropTech Academy, which recognized it as one of the 49 most innovative companies across 21 countries screened and praised for their efforts in sustainable digital transformation in the real estate sector. Along with 14 other Swiss starts, Droople also represented Swiss innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2022. At the forefront of Swiss cleantech and together with his team, CEO Ramzi Bouzerda is looking forward to “building a better world for tomorrow through the Internet of Water.”

"We are proud to have been chosen to equip this building of the future for more sustainable and conscious water management.", Ramzi Bouzerda, CEO & Founder, Droople


Let’s learn how exactly smart water systems impact the consumption, conservation and quality of water resources on the planet.

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