RE-NEW Water Challenge 2023

Droople was proud to sponsor another successful RE-NEW Our World Student Water Innovation Challenge organized and conducted by Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and the UAE Water Alliance. Celebrating remarkable achievements of young minds dedicated to water preservation.

Mdahav Krishna of Dubai Private School winning second prize in the junior category of 2023 RE-NEW Water Challenge

2023 RE-NEW Our WORLD Challenge reached an astounding 791 student entries from 104 schools across all 7 Emirates participated, reflecting the commitment and enthusiasm of the youth to contribute to a sustainable future. With the support and mentorship of fellow esteemed organizations (including Axis Communications, Nestlé, Xylem, No More Bottles, and KPS), top candidates aged 8-18 pitched their ideas to address water-related challenges including water scarcity, water pollution and water accessibility.

Junior, Middle, Senior 1st & 2nd winners
Madhav Krishna, Junior 2nd Prize

Among the sponsors and mentors, Droople was pleased to leverage the talent of Junior candidate Madhav Krishna from the Dubai Private School, who secured second prize in his Category. This accomplishment not only highlights his talent but also showcases the invaluable guidance and support provided by Droople throughout the competition.

The awarding ceremony, held in partnership with Emirates Environmental Group at SEE Institute, was a resounding success. . Led by the esteemed Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi and her team, under the patronage of MOEIUAE, the flagship program is in excellent hands, ensuring its continued growth and impact.

The ceremony honored the outstanding winners from the Junior, Middle, and Senior categories, recognizing their exceptional achievements with certificates and awards. It had the honor of hosting H.E. Eng. Fahad Alhammadi - Assistant Under Secretary for Support Services Affaires at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI). The MOEI is the patron of the Challenge and will continue endorsing subsequent editions of this great initiative. Distinguished speakers passionately emphasized the collective responsibility to minimize water consumption and preserve our precious resources. As the speakers eloquently conveyed, water is indeed the new gold, and our commitment to its preservation is crucial for the well-being of our planet.

The success of the challenge would not have been possible without the dedication of Founder Linda Merieau and Programs Director Edurne Gil de San Vicente. Their vision and leadership have been instrumental in inspiring the next generation of water innovators. Gratitude is also extended to the esteemed Board of Directors, including Liz Chan A Sue, Abdullah Al Atrash, Khalid Alshafar, Grant Bateman, Rania Barakat, Shamma A., and all the other individuals who contributed their expertise and support.

Lastly, knowledge partners, mentors, jury members, students, teachers, schools, and everyone involved in the RE-NEW Water Challenge certainly are a collective work towards future advancements in water conservation and empowering youth and the wider community. Shukran!

Next will be the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) held during World Water Week August 20-24, 2023 where the work of all 40 countries will be reviewed by an esteemed jury of international water experts, and prized by the patron HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.


Let’s learn how exactly smart water systems impact the consumption, conservation and quality of water resources on the planet.

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Helping to reduce pollution and increase the energy efficiency on the catering processes and industry.
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Smarter fountains in Switzerland

Impact for everyone! Outdoor equipment retailer, Urbanat, the City of Geneva and Fontaineo (manufacturer) collaborated to launch a campaign to beat the heat wave and reduce single-use water bottles.

Neuvecelle Project

Droople introduced the Droople for Schools solution in Neuvecelle's Robert Magnin School to promote hands hygiene and water conservation. Through a "hygiene score" algorithm, students were encouraged to handwashing, achieving scores close to the ideal. After two years of operations, the initiative led to a 22% annual reduction in the school's water consumption and provided insights for more efficient water usage strategies.

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