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MIPIM 2024

Mar 12
Mar 14, 2024

Cannes, France

#MIPIM2024 | Winning the Aqua Biodiversity Award at the Global ESG Awards

It was a privilege for Droople to meet new and growing innovative startups & technology thought leaders.

📍Meeting Leonard Team (Vinci Group) on the Catamaran FUTURE

đź“ŤRecord the Podcast "Meet the MIPIM Founders" with Louisa Dickins | LMRE

đź“ŤWinning the Award Aqua Biodiversity Award at the Global ESG Awards :trophy:

📍Meeting with #Proptech Connect Team & the #swisstec Startups

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the app ?

Login at with the credentials you received. Welcome to your Water Intelligence Platform!

What gateway should I choose?

All Gateways are using a LoRa network, but we will discuss together the technical specificities of the place you are equipping to adapt our offer between a 4G, Wifi or Ethernet gateway. More on our Support page

How do I install the device ?

You can find help here.

For more, visit the Droople Support page to access the DIY videos and Quick Start Guides based on your product.

How do I configure my device on the platform ?

Each Droople iLink has a unique QR Code. Scanning takes you to configure it to a new or existing "asset". After configuration and use of your tap, you already have access to your metrics. For detailed instructions, you can find videos and tutorials on our Support page:

Who can I contact when I need help?

Our Support page can be found here
Our Technical Specifications here.

If you need any other assistance, please contact us here

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