Data drives massive water savings in hairdressing business

Equipping hairdresser salons with water usage data to better understand the full range of routines involving water consumption, such as hair washing, coloring, rinsing, cleaning of instruments and other processes

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15 salons

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50 iLinks

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60% H2O savings l/min

L’Oréal & Gjosa partners for sustainable innovation

Droople partnered with Gjosa, a Swiss innovation company, to assess the effectiveness of water savings provided by Gjosa’s latest showerhead co-developed with L’Oréal. The results are substantial – Gjosa’s water saving technology combined with precise water usage monitoring promises to revolutionize the Beauty Tech business.
normal water drop compared to gjosa water drop

Water is at the core of any activities of the haircare industry. To accelerate the sustainable water usage, Gjosa, a Swiss environmental innovation company, developed a unique water micronization technology, that was later especially designed for hairdresser salons. It is inspired by the droplet fractioning principle used in rocket engines to create 10-time smaller droplets. Since it was announced at CES 2021, L’Oréal & Gjosa have been partnering behind such sustainable water saving innovation.

Gjosa water-saving showerhead

The new showerhead was estimated to deliver up to 60% water savings in L’Oréal hairdresser salons, as it can reduce water usage from 10 to 4 l/min compared to standard rinsing.

Gjosa showerhead in use

To assess potential reduction of water consumption, Gjosa teamed up with Droople. Showerhead device testing was run for 6 weeks throughout the summer of 2021. About fifteen L’Oréal affiliated hairdresser salons in France were equipped with the new showerheads and enhanced with the 50 Droople iLinks to measure the real-time water consumption using Droople smart flow and temperature sensors. L’Oréal was also particularly keen to keep consistent service quality. Close attention has been given to the best-in-class user experience, through the integration of feedback from hairdressers and customers.

Test result at 15 hairsalons for L’Oréal France prove revolutionary

The test run has shown the revolutionary 60% savings of water usage thanks to the cutting-edge Gjosa Jet Technology. After the introduction in available salongs in France and the USA, the global rollout is expected in 2022.

Gjosa showerhead connected to Droople iLink for water efficiency use

Standard vs. Gjosa showerhead

standard showerhead
Gjosa showerhead

Equipping the hairdresser salons with Droople technology gives large beauty tech companies such as L’Oréal the unique possibility to dive in the water usage data to better understand the full range of routines involving water consumption, such as hair washing, coloring, rinsing, cleaning of instruments and other processes. Droople Water Intelligence Platform is able to use machine learning algorithms to benchmark the water usage for any given product or process, evaluate and optimize their specific water consumption and even drive the research and development for the new, more environmentally friendly hair care products.

"The collaboration with Droople allowed us to demonstrate the positive environmental impact of Gjosa technology. Indeed, the Gjosa showerhead delivers 60% water savings while simultaneously improving the customer experience." Luc Amgwerd, Co-founder, CEO, Gjosa
"As global player in the beauty industry, L’Oréal is committed to its sustainable program L’OREAL FOR THE FUTURE. Part of it is water consumption, and that’s why we want to propose to hair salons this cutting-edge showerhead with GJOSA technology. Today, the water data access opens for us a whole new world of smart innovations through more accurate knowledge of water consumption in salons to improve even more our sustainable beauty routines for people all over the world." Adrien Chretien, Augmented Beauty Project Leader, L'Oréal

As seen on L'Oréal Managing Water Sustainably, and L'Oréal Water Saver

Testing period: 6 weeks

Hairsalons: 15

Droople iLinks: 50

Potential water savings: 60% liters/minute


Let’s learn how exactly smart water systems impact the consumption, conservation and quality of water resources on the planet.

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