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Leakage localization

Leakage localization

Cleaning optimization

Cleaning optimization



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Predictive cleaning and sustainable water management with first-rate service level.



Green building construction is increasingly accessible and with certifications on the rise. Water is a central focus that must be addressed to truly be green.

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Localize leaks and "ghost flushing" with Droople

Ghost Flushing (aka Phantom Flushing) is a huge culprit to water leakage and waste. There could be many causes to this leak, or critical sign to replace your entire internal system of your toilet. But which floor and which toilet(s) could be causing so much water loss?
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Smart Sanitation Pilot Project with Vebego AG

To guarantee even higher hygiene and cleanliness standards in times of pandemic whilst leveraging sustainable water usage practices, Vebego launched a pilot project in a large shopping center in Switzerland, where Droople’s Water Intelligence Platform featuring Smart Sanitation Solution was installed.
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Leverage Energy Recovery Potential with Smart Water IoT Systems

According to current practices, the industrial water used for cooling compressors in restaurants refrigeration cycles is usually discharged directly with the wastewater. However, its energy can be recovered and reused – for example, to heat domestic water – helping to reduce pollution and increase the energy efficiency on the catering processes and industry.
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The hygiene indicators provided by the Droople Water Intelligence Platform allow us to produce a real-time hygiene score for the buildings we manage."

Thorsten Michels

Director of Facility Management Suisse Romande

Lombard Odier Group

Droople enables us to monitor our cooling tower in order to prevent further water damages.

Pascal Pidoux

Head of Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

What gateway should I choose?

There are several gateways that can be used Wifi, 4G, Ethernet LoRa Gateways. Further “Connectivity” FAQs on our Support page

How do I install the device ?

Once you've unboxed your Droople Package consisting of an iLink & sensor(s) and gateway, (1) retrofit the sensor to the consumable. (2) Retrofit the sensor to the inline pipe, (3) Turn on your gateway, (4) Scan to configure your Droople iLink, and (5) Activate by pulling the iLink ticket. Watch do-it-yourself DIY tutorials, or here for further instructions and FAQ based on your product. (

How do I configure my device on the platform ?

Each Droople iLink has a unique QR Code. Scanning takes you to configure it to a new or existing "asset". After configuration and use of your tap, you already have access to your metrics. For detailed instructions, you can find videos and tutorials on our Support page:

Where do I find support documents ?

Our Support page can be found here
Our Technical Specifications here.

Who can I contact when I need help?

Feel free to email for any questions or feedback.

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